Peaceful Days Project

In a world grappling with social unrest, a global pandemic and a general feeling of uncertainty, Peaceful Days is as calming as a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Featuring the silky, smooth vocals of Gwendolyn Joy (Gwen Scales), backed by the “Fellowship Chapel Children’s Choir “Peaceful Days,” is the first of three songs to be a part of Gene Dunlap’s “Peaceful Days Project.”

Dunlap, a Grammy Award nominated recording artist, is the producer of “Peaceful Days.” The song was written by William Allen, Dunlap’s close friend. The Project’s second song, “Forgiveness,” is to be released later this year as will its third, yet-to-be disclosed song.

“Peaceful Days” was first recorded  and released in 2005 ( Gene Dunlap Peaceful Days July 7, 2005 on 215 Records), said Dunlap. The children performing the song’s background vocals ranged from 8- to 15-years-old. Dunlap re-mixed the song as a public service message and hopes it will serve as an inspiration to children in particular and encourage them to speak the truth with a spirit of cooperation, compassion and tolerance.

The seeds for" Peaceful Days" were sown during Dunlap’s and Allen’s golf outings. Their conversations often focused on the feeling that the world was starting to feel out of sync. People were showing an intolerance for each other, and peace of mind was a long sought after feeling.

The re-mixed version of Peaceful Days was the result of yet another conversation, this time between Dunlap’s manager and one of the chaperones for the children’s choir during the song’s recording session. The chaperone noted that children often face stressful situations such as peer pressure, bullying, keeping up their grades and problems at home. When Dunlap was told about the conversation, he thought that a Peaceful Days re-mix might help young people cope with stress and manage their feelings. “Observing where we are in the world now, and especially in the United States, we need to work towards peaceful days,” said Dunlap. “None of us is perfect” “With the second song, “Forgiveness,” being able forgive is something we need to do with one another to achieve peaceful days. I hope the songs will encourage children, and older folk too, to adopt a different mindset about things.”