Detroit native, Derrick Benford, grew up amid the rich tapestry of a musical family, absorbing the influences of multiple genres and the joy of appreciating melodies. Today, alongside a robust roster of academic achievements, he is blazing an innovative path creating and playing his own groove-based compositions, while advocating for artists, music therapy and music education.


Benford is active in the Detroit music scene with the Derrick Benford Trio, pianist with the Gene Dunlap Band, director of music programs for a non-profit, and the Derrick Benford Collab-2024 new music release.


As a pianist and composer, Benford has showcased his talents on international stages, collaborating with renowned artists across the U.S., U.K., and Asia. His work with a variety of musicians spanning different genres blend jazz, gospel R&B, and HipHop. Noteworthy collaborations include Chantae Cann, Alex Isley, George Clinton (P Funk), Marcus Belgrave, Rayse Biggs, Lanar (Kern) Brantley and Regina Belle, underscores his versatility and ability to contribute to diverse musical landscapes.